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PGA Professionals Armed With The Latest in Radar Technology Will Quickly Improve Your Game!


The goal in teaching the game of golf is to help students improve their skills to play better golf and have more fun doing so. All coaching is tailored around each player’s personal goals, physical capability, and experience level. Blaze has been a Class A PGA member for over a decade and is a certified 5 Simple Keys Director of Instruction. He uses the latest technology from FlightScope to accurately measure ball and club data through Doppler radar. As a Callaway Staff Professional, he can help fit students into clubs that will enhance their games and lower their scores.

Blaze is available for Individual or Group Coaching Programs, as well as offering a variety of specialized clinics throughout the year. Each program is designed to advance students through the learning process as they develop skills to improve their scoring ability and learn how to play the game. 

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John King Golf LLC is thrilled to partner with The Golf Club at North Hampton On the opening of The Golf Performance School at North Hampton.


Combining great golf amenities with award winning instruction to bring World-Class instruction and player development programs to the Fernandina Beach, Fl area.  Schools starting in the fall of 2016, contact John King to schedule your investment in the future of your game!

Two Day School

The Two Day Golf School creates a foundation for improvement through precise, reliable data and award winning instruction.  Players improve performance by learning a great golf swing that works for them. By focusing on aspects of the swing that pertain directly to their individual swing pattern, players develop a repeatable, consistent swing leading to lower scores.

School includes player assessments, K-Vest 3-D motion software, swing analysis and impact and ball flight assessment using video analysis and Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor. 

Players implement drills and training workouts based off student physical assessment, K-Vest comprehensive report, and impact and ball flight patterns. Players work towards developing consistency and lower scores through swing specific workouts, drills and training.

Short game assessments, situations, bunker play and putting to improve player scoring from 100 yards and in. 

On course instruction focusing on course management, club selection and yardages, green reading, strategies, techniques and charting player stats for planning of upcoming practice and tournaments.

The Two Day Golf School is a great way for players to identify swing patterns, train, and improve performance in just two days!

The Two Day School Includes:

Two Day Fall 2019 Availability

Daily Schedule
Day 1    9:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Day 2    9:00 am – 5:00pm
Alternative dates for multiple player sessions available 

$700 per person

Contact John King to schedule a program that fits your needs today! Visit the John King website for additional information.

Cell  (334)759-0013

One Day School

The One Day School offers player physical assessment, identifies swing patterns, measures player motion, sequence, speed and timing using K-Vest 3D motion software. PGA instructor will develop swing specific drills, workouts and training for improved consistency and lower scores. A great way to cover fundamentals, identify swing patterns and improve performance in just one day!

One Day School Includes:

Daily Schedule
 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

 $400 per person

Contact John King to schedule a program that fits your needs today!

Cell  (334)759-0013


1/2 Day School

The 1/2 Day School includes player assessments, 3-D measurements using K-Vest, impact and ball flight assessment using Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor and video analysis. A great way to identify swing patterns and improve performance.

The 1/2 Day School Includes:

Contact us for dates and availability.

$250 per person

Contact John King to schedule a program that fits your needs today!

Cell  (334)759-0013


See what some of John King's satisfied students have to say:

“I’ve been involved in the game of golf for over 50 years and have taken as a player, as a golf professional given, and as an observer, I have monitored hundreds upon hundreds of golf lessons. I listened and watched John King work with each of my team members and I was well impressed in John’s findings with my golf team and how he conveyed his messages to each one of them. John is not a “one size or one swing fits all” type of golf instructor. He well knows that all players have different strengths and different weaknesses. John keyed in on these various strengths and weaknesses and pointed out ways to improve upon weaknesses and enhance various strengths.”
Dave Jennings, Head Men’s Golf Coach, Central Alabama Community College, Alexander City, AL

“John is at the top of the heap when it comes to golf instructors. He knows the game well, he is a student of the game of golf and he has earned much of his knowledge by working under one of the greatest players/instructors in the game of golf, Ken Venturi. I highly recommend John King to any golf coach who wants his players to perform at their peak performance.”
Dave Jennings, Head Men’s Golf Coach, Central Alabama Community College, Alexander City, AL

“John King is a fantastic instructor. Very easy going and very knowledgeable on the game. I highly recommend him.” 
- Jose Caballero, Auburn, AL

“John King is an incredible instructor.”
- Deron Lorio, Mizuno Golf

“Do yourself a favor and go see John King.”
- Jeremy Johnson, Auburn, AL

“John’s use of technology and understanding of the game are top notch. Really helped me see what I needed to do to get better.”
- Arthur Batson, Falmouth, ME

“Simply put, John King is the best golf instructor I have ever worked with. He can teach players of all levels from beginners who have never played before all the way to touring pros. He will increase your passion for the game and ability to play it.”
– Adam Dolder, New York, NY

“I have taken lessons from John for years. I’ve always left the lesson feeling like I have the tools to improve. I really enjoy being around John and highly recommend him to help anyone with their game."
– Dr. Dan Guin, Auburn, AL

“John King is truly a fine instructor and even a better person. To take your game to the next level, get John King involved in your process.”
– Coach Dave Jennings, Alexander City, AL

“John King is a great guy and a great teacher. Thirty minutes into my lesson I was hitting the ball solid and 15 yards further. My only regret is that I didn’t go see John King sooner. Top notch.”
– Jeff Lewis, LaGrange, GA

“John King has helped my teenage daughter and I with every aspect of our game. His state of the art equipment and his professional demeanor has made the learning experience very enjoyable.”
-Dan O’Donnell, Auburn, AL


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